April 19

Love your liver


The liver is one of the most complex, important, incredible, and neglected organs in the body. The liver performs over 500 functions for the body and can regenerate itself with as little as 25% of health remaining tissue. 

It is widely considered as the powerhouse of metabolism and is instrumental in filtering the blood and breaking down harmful substances, such as drugs and alcohol. The liver is one of the body’s best defences against damage and yet, it remains largely ignored in the global health agendaLiver diseases severely affect people, communities, and healthcare systems, and represent an enormous health and socio-economic burden for societies around the world. 

Liver diseases develops silently without sign or symptoms causing progressive scarring and ultimately cirrhosis. Chronic liver diseases affect 844 million individuals globally with a mortality rate of 2 million deaths per year. Silent and underdiagnosed, chronic liver diseases represent a major public health problem

The good news? More than 90% of cases are preventable, policy and lifestyle changes are possible, and the liver can heal itself.

International health days play a vital role in raising awareness for major health issues such as chronic liver diseases. World Liver Day strives to promote prevention campaigns, improve screening strategies, and increase access to timely and effective treatment. 

A World Liver Day is crucial in advocating for better health policies first, prioritise healthy lifestyles, and leave no organ behind.


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World Liver Day: Going global

In 2019, World Liver Day was launched nationally in India to spread awareness about liver related diseases. In 2023, World Liver Day is now expanding internationally to focus on health promotion.

Increasing global awareness for happy and healthy livers creates better, more fulfilling lives for all. World Liver Day catalyses change by improving awareness of liver health while decreasing the burden of liver disease worldwide. 


It’s time to act now.

Each year, thousands of people are affected by liver disease. Early prevention can save many of these lives.
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